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Rolling Mill Bearings Materials
The bearing industry uses different materials for the production of the various bearing components. The materials are processed to achieve desirable properties to maximize bearing performance and life.Generally rolling mill bearing parts are made of high-carbon chromium steel. The parts are martensite quenched when they carry less or no impact load. Bainite quenching should be used when parts carry high impact load. The parts are not only made of carburizing steel but also according carburzation and carbonitridion if they will carry high impact load.

ClassSteel No.Application
Carburizing Bearing SteelG20CrMo / G20CrNiMoSmall and medium-size bearings carry impact load
G20CrNi2Mo / G10CrNi3MoMedium and large size bearing carry high impact load
G20Cr2Ni4Extra large size bearing carry high impact load
High Carbon Chromium Bearing SteelGcr15Small and medium-size bearings carry less or no impact load
GCr15SiMnLarge size bearing on mill rolling, no impact load
GCr18MoAccording bainite quenching, the bearing used in mill rolling can carry certain impact load and sustain high temperture