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​Rolling mill bearing material and quality control
Roller bearings in the use of the process, the ring and rolling elements must withstand high contact stress and impact load, rolling mill bearings normally manufactured from high-quality high-carbon chromium bearing steel or high-quality carburizing bearing steel .

High-carbon chromium bearing steel: GCr15, GCr15SiMn, GCr18Mo;
Carburized bearing steel: G20Cr2Ni4A, G10CrNi3Mo;
Raw materials inspection standards:
high - carbon chromium bearing steel, GB / T 18254-2002,
carburizing bearing steel technical conditions, GB 3203-82.

CHG® rolling mill bearing quality control strictly enforced (JB / T5389.1 "rolling bearing - rolling mill using four cylindrical roller bearings", JB / T5389.2 "rolling bearing - rolling mill using double row and four row of tapered roller bearings")
① improve the grinding process to prevent and eliminate grinding burns and cracks. Use the test machine to check the parts crack to prevent and reduce the bearing parts fracture failure.
② bearing surface processed by ultra-fine grinding machine to improve the accuracy of surface roughness, so that the surface in the compressive stress state, in order to improve the bearing contact fatigue life.
③ strengthen the site management, to avoid scratches on the face, reduce the stress source of fatigue damage.
④ roller with full convex (or semi-convex) roller, in order to avoid or reduce the edge load, improve bearing life.
⑤ precise control of each ring and roller, to ensure that the bearing diameter and bearing clearance consistent to ensure that the four rows of rollers in the same force.
⑥ bearing parts and bearing cleanliness in line with industry standards.