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Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing
CHG is a leading high precision angular contact ball bearing manufacturer and supplier from china, can provide high precision bearing, super precision bearing with different sizes series. CHG precision angular contact ball bearings are widely used in precision CNC machine tools, mechanical spindles, high-speed wire metallurgy equipment, high-speed high-precision mechanical equipment, high temperature and corrosion resistant mechanical equipment, aerospace and other fields; products have been exported to Europe, America and other countries.
Features:High-precision angular contact ball bearings are mainly used for CNC lathe spindles, various grinding machine workpiece shafts, grinding wheel spindles, photovoltaic slicers, vacuum pumps, fans, precision transmission machinery.
Features:It is mainly used for high speed and high precision grinding for internal surface. In order to meet the requirement of electric spindle, the internal parameters of the bearing rings are optimized. CHG B719 series bearing can use ceramic balls for higher speed and longer life.
Features:It is mainly used for high speed and high-precision bearings for internal grinding of electric spindle, and the internal parameters of the bearing are specially optimized to meet the requirements of electric spindle.
Features:The Ultra-high Speed Angular Contact Bearing through the internal structure optimization design, the high speed rolling body friction coefficient, sliding state to a minimum, so that it can achieve ultra-high speed, ring double slope structure design, increase the internal space, can be effectively lubricated.
Features:Precision Angular Contact Bearing Features: Non-contact sealing ring on both sides, large steel ball is used to make the bearing have greater rigidity and carrying capacity.
Features:Ultra-high Speed angular contact bearing with seal H70 series both ends are equipped with non-contact sealing ring, can simplify the seal design of the host, convenient for the user to install high water-resistant grease.
Features:This High Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing Sealed H72 series select larger ball diameter to increase the carrying capacity. Because the inner and outer rings are single flange, the internal space of the bearing is increased, so that more lubricant can be stored and lubrication performance of the bearing is improved.
Features:CHG provides screw bearings as follows:7602, 7603 series , TAC series Ball guide polyamide resin cage (Tnl) Contact sealing ring ( 2RS ) at both end faces.