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Ball Bearings
The deep groove ball bearing is the most widely used roller bearing. It’s structure is simple and is easy of use. It is mainly used to bear the radial load. By means of increasing the rib height coefficient, the radial play, etc., the deep-groove ball bearing may have a certain performance of the angular contact ball bearing, i.e. bearing a certain radial load. Compared with other kinds of bearings of the same size, the deep groove ball bearing features lower friction coefficient and high speed limit, but it has low impact resistance and is not applicable to bearing heavy load.

Features:Inner Diameter: 150-1400mm Outer Diameter: 190-1700mm Weight: 1.15-615kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 150-1250mm Outer Diameter: 190-1750mm Weight: 1.32-1600kg Structures: Separable, Nonseparable Type: 70000,6000
Features:Innner Diameter: 100-340mm Outer Diamater: 180-520mm Weight: 6.1-132kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 150-480mm Outer Diameter: 225-870mm Weight: 5.1-470kg Type: QJ, QJF