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Spindle Bearings
The Spindle bearings produced by CHG can be divided into 4 series: 618 series、619 series、718 series、719 series. With the inner diameter range from 100mm to 950mm, and the precision is divided into P6, P5, P4 and P2. The bearings are available in open and sealed versions.
Spindle bearings have restricted tolerances. They are particularly suitable for bearing with very high requirements for guidance accuracy and speed capacity. They have proved highly suitable for the bearing of spindles in machine tools.
Features:618 Series Inner Diameter: 100-950mm Outer Diameter: 125-1150mm Width: 13-90mm Weight: 0.31-190kg 619 Seies Inner Diameter: 100-950mm Outer Diameter: 140-1250mm Width: 20-132mm Weight: 0.96-390kg
Features:718 Series Inner Diameter: 100-850mm Outer Diametr: 128-1030mm Width: 13-82mm Weight: 0.2-140kg 719 Series Inner Diameter: 100-750mm Outer Diametr: 140-950mm Width: 20-106mm Weight: 0.8-195kg