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Custom Made Rolling mill bearings
Rolling mill bearings mainly refers to the bearings used in rolling mill shaft, there are four types: double row tapered roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings, four row tapered roller bearings and four row cylindrical roller bearings.

With the high-speed, high load, high precision, high reliability development, the structure that thrust bearing combine with four-row cylindrical roller bearings was used more and more, CHG bearings do a lot of research and modification of rolling mill bearings for many non-ferrous metal processing enterprises.

CHG rolling mill bearings have the following advantages:
① In the same size, it has the largest radial capability.
② Two bearings withstand radial load and axial load at the same time , can adapt to a higher rolling speed.
③ Thrust bearings can be obtained smaller axial clearance than double row roller bearings and four row tapered roller bearings, is conducive to improving the accuracy of profiles and wire.
④ Easy to improve the accuracy of bearings to ensure that you can scroll more high-precision products.
⑤ Inner ring and outer ring can be separated and exchanged, easy to install and disassemble.
⑥ bearing inner ring and roller neck tightly installed to avoid the "creep, crawling" phenomenon, reduce the bearing shaft burns.
⑦ Easy to check, maintenance.
⑧ Through the thrust bearing control axial force, significantly reduce the four row cylindrical roller bearing consumption.