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Lubrication of Backing Bearing

For backing bearing lubrication, there are generally three methods:

1. Emulsion lubrication

The most widely used and the cheapest lubrication method is being lubricated by emulsion. Due to low viscosity a large amount of emulsion should run though the bearing. This method could prevent the external impurity from entering into the bearing. Therefore the lubrication emulsion method is applied for backing bearing without seal.

2. Recycling oil lubrication

High-viscosity lubrication are generally used which requires a whole set of lubrication recycling system. The commonly adopted bearing is backing bearing with seal.

3. Gas lubrication

Blow the lubricate into the bearing through dry and clean air. The gas form high pressure inside the backing bearing to prevent the external impurity from entering into the bearing. The lubricant particles are attached on the surface of the rolling bearing which plays a role of lubrication. Only a small amount of gas could overflow. Gas lubrication can be applied on backing bearing with clearance seal.