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Main steps to maintain roll neck bearings
Main steps to maintain roll neck bearings:
1, Track and record the bearing position in the rolling mill. Roll neck bearing maintenance record card can be used to record the bearing housing number, roll number, rack number, outer ring bearing loading area, rolling capacity and bearing hours. The recording card should be updated at all times and convenient for the service personnel to check it, and the bottom of blank can record the measurement data or other inspection details.
2. Remove the bearing housing from the roll and remove the bearing from the housing. Whether you are unloading bearings or checking bearings, you need to use special lifting methods and tools, some companies can provide the professional lifting tools and special lifting methods.
3, Cleaning bearings. All peeling, moisture, residual lubricant and any other stains should be removed during cleaning of the bearing. The cleaning method and cleaning agent is based on the size of the bearing or the number of bearings. Small bearings or a small amount of bearings can use kerosene, mineral oil or other commercial solvents. For large bearings or a large number of bearings, can clean directly in cleaning tank filled with neutral oil at 40 ℃ viscosity of 22cSt (or 100 ℃ F 100SUS).
4, Check the bearings, including the appearance inspection and minor repair. On the removable inner surface of the roller or the surface of the roller, if there is a small peeling or epidermal rupture, the metal is usually peeled off with a grinder and polished to peel the edges.
5, Should regularly check the degree of bearing wear, assess the bearing wear can measure the bearing clearance.
6, Check and repair the bearing housing.
7, Install the bearings back into the bearing housing.
8, Check and repair roll neck.
9. Install the bearing housing on the roll neck.