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Sendzimir mill rolling bearing
Sendzimir mills are known worldwide for their ability to roll extremely hard materials to very thin gauges with few, if any, intermediate anneals. They consistently maintain quality aspects that are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate on other mills.

sendzimir mill rolling bearings (also called backing up roller bearing) were designed to improve the precision of steel rolling products. The outside of these bearings straightly touch to intermediate roll.And they can carry rolling component. The outer ring have good wear resistance, inner have enough long rolling fatigue life. Outer ring can be regrinded. And the bearing will still rotate as usual after regrinding. The bearing have high impact resistant because of soft inner part. Deep enough surface hardened. Except high rigid, can increase frequent of outer diameter repair. sendzimir mill rolling bearings have high fatigue resistant because of good material.

CHG can manufacture sendzimir mill rolling bearing with inner Diameter range from 70mm to 205mm, outer diameter sizes range from 160mm to 520mm.