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Stainless steel thin section bearings characteristics
Thin section bearings ( also named thin wall bearing ) are mainly used in robotics, testing equipment, satellites, cameras and others places where need accurately positioning and limited weight. It applies to very narrow spaces. Well-made thin section bearings are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. This series includes thin angular contact ball bearings (type A), thin deep groove ball bearings (type C) and thin four-point contact ball bearings (type X). Ceramic ball bearings can also be supplied on the request. This structure of the bearing is often used for insufficient lubrication, or require low friction and low torque.

We often need bearings to meet to ahigh precision and corrosion resistance requirements:
1. Near corrosive chemicals;
2. The lubricant can not protect the thin section bearings from corrosion;
3. Ultra-clean thin section bearings are not coated with anti-rust oil.

Any of the above means that the standard 52100 steel can not meet the requirements. Therefore, we provide AISI440C stainless steel thin section bearings that can solve these problems. This steel has 58HRC hardness, 52100 chrome steel loads. All stainless steel thin bearings are also equipped with stainless steel balls.

Stainless steel thin section bearings manufactured by CHG® have the following characteristics:
1. AISI440C stainless steel raceway
2. Brass or non-metallic cage
3. Equipped with stainless steel ball or ceramic ball
4. Universal size
5. Various sturctures. ( C-type, A-type, X-type )