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Installation of Thrust bearings

A thrust bearing is a particular type of rotary bearings. Like other bearings they permit rotation between parts, but since the thrust bearings are designed to support a predominantly axial load. How to install thrust bearings is important. From our previous experience “the most important thing is the perpendicularity of the shaft ring and the shaft centerline for installation of Thrust bearings. This should be checked while installing thrust bearing

Few expertise emphasizes here:

1. Fix the dial indicator (measuring tool) to the end surface of bearing box shell to make the contact of dial indicator pointed at the raceway of bearing shaft. Rotate the bearing to observe the pointer of dial indicator. If the pointer is yawed, the shaft ring and the shaft centerline are not perpendicular. If the hole of bearing box shell is deep, an extended dial indicator is recommended.

2. If the thrust bearing is installed correctly, the housing ring can automatically adapt to the rolling of the rolling elements, ensuring that the rolling elements are in the raceways of upper and lower ring. If the thrust bearing is installed backwards/reversely, the bearing works abnormally; and the fitting surfaces will be severely worn. Since the difference between the shaft ring and the housing ring is small, the assembly should be very careful.

3. There should be a certain space between the housing ring and the housing hole to compensate for the error caused by inaccurate machining and installation. When the center of bearing ring is offset during operation, the space ensures the automatic adjustment to avoid touch friction and make it work properly. Otherwise, it will cause the severe damage to the bearing.