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Stable Bearing Quality, Improve Bearing Manufacturing Efficiency
Since the company launched the "stable bearing quality, improve bearing manufacturing efficiency" activities, all workshops have been focused on the "stable quality and efficiency" of production, and carry out management of their own departments to find their own shortcomings and existing problems.

In the past few days, our workshop reported to the manager that there was a problem with the centerless grinder. Repair s shape to make the rough-rolled roller produce a concave heart, which results in a large processing difficulty of fine grinding and a low efficiency of fine grinding processing. After this issue was reflected, Mr. Jiao attached great importance. He immediately contacted the company to organize repairs. After repairing, the outer diameter of the rough grinding roller reaches the outstanding requirement, which proves that the trimming trimmer meets our technical requirements and achieves the purpose of fine grinding straightness. The old problem of long-term existence in the workshop has been completely solved, and the efficiency of the outer diameter of the fine grinding cone has been greatly improved.

When encountering problems, we should report to the production department in time, we can still solve the problem directly. If we can't solve it, don't worry, because we are a company, we have a boss Mr. Jiao. In short, in order to improve bearing quality and bearing manufacturing efficiency, no matter which method is adopted, it is the correct way to solve the existing problems.