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Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing Installation

Precision angular contact ball bearings for spindles and lead screws are the basic components of machine tools. Their performance directly affects the speed, rotation accuracy, rigidity, vibration resistance, noise, temperature rise and thermal deformation of the machine tool, thus affecting the precision and surface quality of the machined parts.

Angular contact ball bearing installation

1. The precision angular contact ball bearing assembly site should be kept as clean as possible; avoid contamination or foreign matter entering the precision bearing. Contaminants have a great impact on the operation and service life of the bearing;

2. Check the geometric accuracy, dimensional accuracy and cleanliness of the bearing housing bore and the mating surface on the shaft;

3. During the installation process, apply a little oil or a little grease on the mating surface of the bearing ring to make the precision bearing easier to install to the design part;

4. When designing the bearing housing hole and shaft, there should be a mounting guide chamfer of 100~150;

5. Do not overcool the bearing because condensation can cause the bearing surface to rust;

6. The bearing inner ring and the main shaft assembly need to adopt the direction assembly method or the angle matching method, that is, artificially control the direction of the radial runout error of each assembly, so that the errors cancel each other instead of accumulating. ;

7. After the bearing is pressed into the bearing, it should be flexible and unobstructed;

8. After the installation of Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings is complete, check that the precision bearing system is working properly.