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Tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearing

There is tapered raceway on the inner and outer ring of CHG Tapered Roller Bearing. The roller is also tapered. The top points will meet at one point if the taper is extended when the roller of the Tapered Roller Bearing roll purely.

Tapered roller bearing belongs to separated bearing. Components (which consists of roller cage and inner ring) inside the bearing and the outer ring can be separated. So it can be installed conveniently on the roll neck and the housing.

Tapered roller bearing is applicable to bear radial load , axial load from a single direction and combined radial and axial load. The axial load ability of tapered roller bearing depends on contact angle a which is raceway angle of the outer ring. The bigger a is the higher the axial load ability will be.

Generally Tapered Roller Bearing does not permit angle error but the angle error of 2’-4’ is permitted after the surface is specially designed.

Tapered roller bearing manufactured by CHG includes inch series besides metric series. It consists of different structure types including single-row double-row and four -row according to the number of rows of the rollers.