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CHG precision thin-section bearings have passed the acceptance of customers smoothly.
On August 12,2019, Germany customers visited Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.
The main purpose of the customer's visit is to check and accept a batch of thin-walled bearings ordered earlier, while negotiating the late ordering business. our company attaches great importance to the check and acceptance of this customer visit ,Our sales manager and Chief Technical Engineer and Quality Inspection Minister accompany customers in the testing workshop for testing and inspection. Finally, all bearings meet the German customer inspection standards, and the acceptance has been passed smoothly.

The production process of thin-walled bearings ordered by this German customer is complex and needs to go through dozens of processes in the early stage. The bigger the inner diameter of such thin-walled bearings, the more difficult it is to process the precision coefficient. In order to meet the customer's requirements (the vibration value of bearings is below 0.08 and the noise is below 60 dB), CHG all colleagues adhere to the principle of "precision thin bearings with High precision, high performance, high quality process concept, many discussions with users about the bearing scheme, and the use of self-developed raceway super-precision tooling and Huigong bearing self-developed inspection standards, the Thin-walled bearing products will be successfully delivered to German customers on schedule.

As a research and development enterprise of thin-section bearings in China, CHG all colleagues strictly control the quality with the enterprise concept of "gathering elites and fine products", and strive to bring high-quality products and services to customers.