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Stainless steel thin section bearing HKC170CP5

Recently, Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd has developed a large-size high precision stainless steel thin section bearing according to customer needs. The bearing model is HKC170CP5.

The stainless steel thin section bearing specifications: inner diameter: 431.8mm, outer diameter: 450.85mm, height: 9.525mm, thickness: 9.525mm, outer ring axial runout: 0.023mm, radial runout: 0.02mm, inner ring axial runout 0.02mm, radial runout: 0.018mm, can replace imported bearings. Because this product is large in size and very thin, the bearing is easily deformed during processing and requires high precision. After several months of research and development by the scientific research team, the processing difficulties were overcome, and finally the product reached the P5 level precision process standard.

The successful research and development of this large stainless steel thin-walled constant-section bearing once again demonstrates that the Huigong R&D team has strong R&D capabilities and professional advantages in thin-walled constant-section bearings.