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CARB Bearings

CARB bearings have the self-aligning function of spherical roller bearings, the axial displacement characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings, and the compact cross section of needle roller bearings.

The structural bearings are designed for floating end support. The bearing is a single row roller bearing. The raceway surfaces of the inner and outer rings are concave arc surfaces. The rollers are symmetric rollers with convex arc surfaces, and the inner and outer rings can be axially displaced from each other. The optimized raceway and the contour of the roller make the bearing load evenly distributed, which reduces the friction during operation.

The roller of the CARB bearing can automatically guide, regardless of whether the inner ring is axially displaced relative to the outer ring or less than ideal for centering, it can be placed at a position where the load acts evenly over the entire roller. Even in the case of angular or axial displacement, the bearing capacity of the bearing can be fully utilized, so the product has a long life.

The main structural of CARB bearings is with cages and full rollers. Of course, both types of products can be open and sealed.

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