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Welcome Thailand Customer Visit Our Factory
This week Jan,17,2019, Thailand customer engineer visited our factory. The engineerand his team independently developed a new type reducer bearing. It is athin-section bearing product with high speed and high precision. The bearing ismainly used for four-wheel electric vehicles. For now, only a small number ofsamples are currently in the testing stage. The customer personally broughtseveral small samples to discuss with our engineers, and the two parties have apleasant exchange. The customer said that they have long-term cooperation withsome big companies. This new design bearing once the mass production is putinto use, there will be large orders in the later stage.

Our sales and technical staff show Thailand customers to visit ourworkshops, from forgings to heat treatment, grinding to assembly. Customers arevery recognized for our processing capabilities and equipment. he hopes that wecan produce his precision bearings and establish long-term cooperation with us.finally, push this new bearings to around the world Together