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CHG Bearings Fire Safety Training

On December 13, our company organized "CHG Bearings Fire Safety Training". Every employee is actively involved in learning fire protection and using fire fighting equipment.

The fire brigade instructor is explaining how to use the fire extinguisher and precautions.

Tips: Lift - Pull - Grip - Press

Lift the fire extinguisher, unplug the fuse, place the fire extinguisher nozzle at the root of the fire source, and then press the handle to spray the dry powder.


1. Do not place the cover and bottom of the fire extinguisher on the human body to prevent injury caused by the cover and bottom ejected;

2. Do not spray with water at the same time, so as not to affect the fire extinguishing effect;

3. When extinguishing an electrical fire, try to cut off the power first. Prevent people from getting an electric shock;

4. When extinguishing a fire, personnel should stand on the windward side 2-5 meters away from the fire source and spray it on the root of the fire source.

Employees actively participate in the practice, and the fire is extinguished by us!

Safety first, prevention-oriented, hope that every employee strictly follows the bearing production process and safety manufacture bearings.