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CHG Rolling Bearing Manufacturing Process

Due to the type, structure, tolerance class, technical requirements, material and batch variations of the rolling bearings, the basic production process is not identical.

Processing of main parts of CHG rolling bearings:

1. Bearing ring processing

The processing of the inner and outer rings of the bearing varies depending on the raw material or shape of the blank. The process can be divided into the following steps: bar or pipe (some bars need to be forged and annealed, standardized)→ lathe → heat treatment →grinding →finishing or polishing →final inspection →rust prevention →entering the warehouse →packaging

2. Bearing cage processing

According to the design structure and raw materials, cage processing can be divided into the following two categories:

(1) sheet → shear → punching → stamping → forming and finishing → pickling or shot peening or drawing → final inspection → rust prevention, packaging → storage.

(2) The processing of solid cages depends on raw materials or severe damage. The following four blanks can be divided into the following processes: Bars are pipes, forgings, castings →inner diameter, outer diameter, end face, chamfering →drilling (or drawing, boring) →picking →Final inspection →rust, packaging →enter the warehouse.

3. Steel ball processing

The processing of the steel ball also varies depending on the state of the raw material. The process before setback or light ball can be divided into the following three types, the process before heat treatment can be divided into the following two processes. The whole process is: rod or line cold punch after shrinking and annealing→Clear, coarse grinding, soft grinding or light ball→ heat treatment →hard grinding →fine grinding→fine machining or grinding→final inspection group→rust prevention, packaging→ entering the warehouse.

4. Roller processing

The roller processing vary depending on the raw materials. The process before heat treatment can be divided into two types. The whole processing process is: soft grinding after bar processing or steel wire cold rolling→heat treatment→steel soft point→grinding outer diameter→grinding end face→finishing end face→Fine grinding outer diameter →final grinding outer diameter→final inspection group→rust prevention, packaging→into the warehouse →packaging.

Assembly process of CHG rolling bearings:

Rolling bearing components such as inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage, etc., after passing the inspection, enter the assembly workshop for assembly. The process is as follows: partial demagnetization, cleaning → internal and external rolling road size grouping → combination setting → inspection gap → riveting cage → final inspection → demagnetization, cleaning → rust prevention, packaging → entering the finished product warehouse→ transportation.