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Welcome US Customers To Visit Our Factory

The customer is one of the US bearing distributors and enjoys a certain reputation in the United States. Since the customer recently needed some precision stainless steel thin-walled bearings, he first found our contact information on the Internet and talked with the staff of the Huigong Bearing Marketing Center. After the enthusiastic service of the sales of International Trade, the customer was very satisfied and decided to visit our factory and planned to carry out cooperation projects on precision thin-walled stainless steel bearings.

US customers visited our product showrooms, production workshops, precision workshops, heat treatment workshops and laboratories, and conducted friendly negotiations with Mr. Zou of our company's precision bearing research institute on bearing precision, machining process, test procedures and cooperation projects. Through communication, customers have provided some valuable suggestions for improving our company's bearing technology.

We are very grateful to the arrival of US customers, and we hope that our cooperation will proceed smoothly in the next few days.