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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

The cylindrical roller bearing belongs to the separable bearing,which is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Cylindrical roller bearings are available in many designs, series and sizes. The majority are single row bearings with a cage. High-capacity bearings, double row bearings, multi-row bearings, single, double and multi-row full complement bearings (without a cage) and split bearings.

Features:Inner Diameter: 120mm-1900mmOuter Diameter: 180mm-2300mmSeries Type: NU, NJ, N, NFWeight: 2.96-1480Kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 200mm-1500mmOuter Diameter: 280mm-2300mm Series Type: NNU,NN,NNK Weight: 10.6-12300kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 90-1400mm Outer Diameter: 140-1900mm Type: FC, FCD, FCDP Weight: 4.4-11300kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 150-1000mm Outer Diameter: 210-1220mm Weight: 3.7-209kg Type: single-row, double-row
Features:Inner Diameter: 70-205mm Outer Diameter: 160-520mm Weight: 11.5-218kg