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Bearing lubrication and sealing
Rolling mill bearing damage 37% is caused by poor lubrication. Therefore, in order to reduce the consumption of mill bearings, you must use the correct lubrication and high-quality lubrication medium to meet the conditions, but also to design a reliable sealing device to prevent water, oxides and other foreign matter fell.

Rolling mill bearings damaged analytics
Damage TypesPercent
Poor lubrication, bad seal37%
overload or partial load20%
Normal damage12%
unreasonable selection and design10%
improper Installation, maintenance10%
fitting accuracy is deteriorated8%

A. oil and gas lubrication;
Oil and gas lubrication technology can eliminate bearing heat and foreign matter, so that rolling mill bearings can work in the ideal lubrication conditions, will significantly reduce consumption.

B. Grease
Select high temperature, viscosity suitable, extreme pressure performance, high water resistance grease. Grease filling amount must be appropriate, different grades of grease can not be mixed, so that the surface of the mill bearing oil film is always in a normal state.

C. Sealing device; its role is to prevent foreign matter into and lubrication media leakage.
Most of the mill bearing seals are damaged near the side of the roller surface, the result is a lubricating medium contaminates and loss, causing the working surface of bearing parts wear off, stripping or even breaking. Especially the cold rolling mill emulsion infiltration to make the lubrication medium failure faster, seriouslyaffected the mill bearing life.