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How to choose right bearings for your own business?

Metallurgy Bearings

CHG metallurgy bearings mainly serve their turnin smelting, rolling and formation machines, where they, particularly the rollbearings, are used in tough conditions -- overload, heavy impact load andsignificant vibration, and harsh environments -- high temperature, highmoisture and a lot of dust.
CHG is a master of all kinds of metallurgy bearings, includingboth standard and customized ones, especially the roll bearings, from insightdesign to precision manufacture. In addition, CHG also catches up the demand inrecent years for high value-added products and green LC products, andcontinuously offers customers with problem-targeted and sustainable solutions. Relyingon the experiences accumulated in the design ,development and service, CHG iswilling to offer you the rolling bearings, related products and services, toextend the machine’s working life, to low the machine’s maintenance cost, andto make your production more efficient.

Industrial Robot Bearings

Automation application is growing fast togetherwith the information technology. More and more industrial robots have beenenlisted in industrial productions, e.g., automobile manufacturing.China fallsbehind in the first wave of automation and is short of core technologies.Acceleration the robot technology development is the only way to build a strongmachinery equipment manufacturing industry. Bearings for robots shall be inlightweight, high rotational accuracy and stability. The thin cross rollerbearings are major applications currently in the robotic industry. CHG has donecontinuous work in this aspect and achieved remarkable accomplishment in bothproduction and market.
Thinsection ball bearings are almost same in structure as the angular contact ballbearings, but with thinner and narrower walls, which add difficulty tomanufacture. Their applications can be found in aerospace, medical machineryand robotics industries, where installation spaces are highly limited.Currently, foreign brands dominate the Chinese market. Nevertheless, CHG hasput their talents and investments in development of such bearings for threeyears already and become a quality supplier for well-known domesticenterprises. Proudly, CHG has become a well-recognized brand in China for thisproduct line, such as 70768, and WAA24164 etc.stainless steel thin sectionbearings.

Wind Energy Bearings

Wind energy,as one renewable clean energy, arewidespread used and rapidly popularized in the world. The bearings for suchgiant wind driven generator machines are between OD 100mm ~ 4000mm. The winddriven generator are usually installed at those areas with bad weather andtransport difficulties. Therefore, the essential requirement for the windenergy bearings is 20 years free of maintenance.
In2006, CHG initiated its R & D projects on wind energy bearings to challengethe monopoly of foreign brands in domestic market. Through continuous efforts,CHG has achieved remarkable performance and gains certain market share. CHG hastaken its responsibility as one of the pillars, which are bearing the renewableenergy industry.