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Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Crossed cylindrical roller bearing is one kind of bearing whose rollers are square crossing arranged between outer ring and inner ring. The rollers contact the raceway in linearity, so this bearing has better rigidity and less elastic strain. At the same time, this bearing can carry radial load, axial load and moment load simultaneously. They are especially suitable for high rigidity and high running accuracy applications.
The dimension of the inner and outer rings is a minimum to miniaturization, especially extremely thin type is close to the limit of small size, and high rigidity, so it is optimal for applications such as joints and swiveling units of industrial robots, swiveling tables of machining centers, rotary units of manipulators, precision rotary tables, medical instrument, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing machines, and etc..
Features:Inner Diameter: 50-200mm Outer Diameter: 66-226mm Width: 8-13mm Weight: 0.08-0.71kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 30-1250mm Outer Diameter: 55-1500mm Width: 10-110mm Weight: 0.12-440kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 20-600mm Outer Diameter: 36-700mm Width: 8-50mm Weight: 0.04-41.7kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 20-350mm Outer Diameter: 70-540mm Width: 12-45mm Weight: 0.29-35.4kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 70-500mm Outer Diameter: 90-320mm Width: 10-56mm Weight: 0.3-44kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 130-874mm Outer Diameter: 205-1014mm Width: 25.4-56mm Weight: 3.3-67kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 50-800mm Outer Diameter: 80-1030mm Width: 13-100mm Weight: 0.29-274kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 50-250mm Outer Diameter: 80-310mm Width: 13-25mm Weight: 0.29-4.97kg
Features:Inner Diameter: 40-384mm Outer Diameter: 112-646mm Width: 22-86mm Weight: 1.4-115kg