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Mining machines normally work in the areas such as mountains,deserts etc.,so it requires higher cost on bearing maintenance and bearing installation. Longer working intervals, lower service costs and higher production efficiency are common calls by the mining machines owners..
Harsh environment and "heavy load + impact load" working conditions,, encourage harsh demands on the capability to withstand such situations, including the higher reliability and longer life.
In order to meet the demands from customers, CHG has blended his heritage on lubrication formulas, material and applied techniques, with the world’s innovative design and fabrication technologies, and developed its new generation mining bearings with longer life and higher reliability. CHG so far has done a great job to improve mining efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
Features:The spherical roller bearing has two curved raceways. Its outer ring s raceway is spherical. center coincides with its of curvature, so it the self-aligning function. allowable aligning angle ranges from 1° to 2.5°. It especially suitable for scenarios where rotating …