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Human beings get more and more expectation on efficiency of paper making machines to cope with the fierce traditional market competition, which in turn sets higher standard on paper industrial bearings to meet higher speed, wider format and longer running configurations.

It is a critical task for CHG to fortress the reliability and longevity of the bearing products and help papermaking machines to run longer time and less trouble. CHG put their superb advantages in design, materials,heat treatment and fabrication together, and developed the "long-life paper machine bearings",which meet the market needs. CHG is becoming a popular brand in the papermaking machine industry.
Features:The taper roller bearing is a separable type which inner components (consists of rollers, cage, and ring) can be separated from outer ring. Therefore, it very easily installed onto the journal housing. …
Features:The spherical roller bearing has two curved raceways. Its outer ring s raceway is spherical. center coincides with its of curvature, so it the self-aligning function. allowable aligning angle ranges from 1° to 2.5°. It especially suitable for scenarios where rotating …